Tomatina from Madrid

By buying this ticket you obtain a reservation for a trip to Buñol (Valencia) from Madrid in a package trip.

Bus from Madrid Schedule

The departure from Madrid will be on the 29th August 2016 from Estación de Atocha (Bar El Brillante) at 4:30am. After this, the return trip will be on the same date 29th August from Buñol (Valencia) at 14:30pm, by coach.


This ticket includes return trip, shower, entry ticket to “la tomatina” event, travel insurance, a tomatina T-shirt and our accompanying guide, as well as sangria before the tomatina and after the tomatina at 13.30pm. Optionally, we will serve a dish of Valencian Paella with drink and dessert.

In addition, you can leave your bag whit your personal belongings on the bus. When the tomatina is finished, after the shower, you can chance your clothes.

from Madrid


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